"We aim to make the most interesting knives in the world"

Riceknife, a Danish company, aims to rethink high-end kitchen knives. Our mission is to redefine the design of kitchen knives, with our brand embodied in the slogan 'The most interesting knives in the world.' We stand for passion and an unwavering commitment to meticulous attention to detail.

In a global market saturated with kitchen knife brands, our distinct appeal to customers, as revealed by our market research and online sales, stems from our significant emphasis on quality—a fundamental pillar for the enduring success of any kitchen knife brand—coupled with a focus on innovative design.

Founder Jacob Bech's extensive background as a chef, spanning over 16 years with experiences at renowned establishments like Herman, Bistro Boheme, Kiinkiin, Noma, and the opening of several restaurants in Asia, uniquely positions him to comprehend the intricacies of kitchen tools. Leveraging this rich experience, he discerns what truly works in a kitchen, emphasizing the user experience and the way people feel when using our knives. We proudly affirm that our products bear the endorsement of years of professional chef experience and the approval of many successful colleagues in the industry.