"The most interesting knives in the world"

We are a Danish knife brand that stems from an intense passion for cooking and an unceasing pursuit of perfection. Founded by the Danish chef Jacob Bech, who is passionate about creating the world's most interesting knives of the highest quality and with a great personality. Riceknife is more than just a brand - it is an expression of extreme dedication to detailed craftsmanship and a penchant for unique design.

Together with partners Shanru Lin and Sebastian Hansen, Jacob Bech has formed the core of the Riceknife team. Our mission is clear: to create the world's most fascinating knives that go beyond just being tools and instead become an extension of the chef's creativity and passion in the kitchen.

An iterative design process

Our design process is a journey that never ends. We strive for the unique, the extraordinary, and we don't stop until we are fully satisfied. From the sketch stage to the selection of steel and handle material, developing a knife design is a comprehensive process. Each knife created with care and carefully selected components. We prioritize the choice of steel and wood that not only ensures quality and durability, but also respects and protects the environment. Our packaging is also part of our commitment to sustainability.

Riceknife is not just a brand - it is a promise of quality, aesthetics and a passion for culinary experiences. Welcome to our world of knives, created to transform every cut into an experience.