Yolo II. 2023 – Damascus Chefs Knife 200 mm.

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Limited Edition – Only 200 copies produced of #Yolo2023.

Steel: 67-layer tactile Damascus steel with a VG10 core (64+/-2 HRC)

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Yolo II. 2023 – Damascus Chefs Knife 200 mm.

In the heart of your kitchen, YOLO embodies the artistry of RiceKnife® – a masterpiece of Danish design with a profound message. The name, YOLO, echoes the wisdom of seizing every moment, an anthem to the vibrant spirit of life. The blade, a canvas of 67 layers of tactile damascus steel, tells a story of intricacy and allure.

With each slice, YOLO captures the essence of life’s complexities, encouraging you to embrace the beauty in every fleeting moment. Etched onto the blade, the words “You Only Live Once” echo the philosophy of carpe diem. Paired with the Chinese proverb “人生苦短,及時行樂” – “Life is Short and Bitter, Have Fun in Time,” YOLO becomes more than a knife; it’s a daily reminder to savor life’s sweetness, even in the face of its brevity.

The handle, a harmonious blend of spalted maple and ebony wood, is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. As your hands grasp this work of art, feel the warmth of natural materials, connecting you to the essence of the tree and the earth. Designed to transcend the realm of ordinary kitchen tools, YOLO is a symbol of fearless living. With every use, let this knife inspire you to let go of worries about tomorrow and embrace the symphony of today. YOLO from RiceKnife® – where culinary artistry meets the poetry of life.

  • Overall Length: 330mm
  • Blade Length: 200mm
  • Handle Length: 130mm
  • Blade Width: 48mm
  • Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Blade Material: 67-Layers Tactile Damascus Steel with VG10 Core inside
  • Weight: 197g
  • Handle Material: Spalted Maple wood+ Ebony wood
  • Quantity produced: 200



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Yolo II. 2023 - Damascus Chefs Knife 200 mm.Yolo II. 2023 – Damascus Chefs Knife 200 mm.
159,00  incl. tax

Availability: 5 in stock