Tigritude II. 2023 – Damascus Chefs Knife 205 mm.

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Limited Edition – Only 200 copies produced of #Tigritude2023.

Steel: 67-layer tactile Damascus steel with a VG10 core (64+/-2 HRC)

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Tigritude II. 2023 – Damascus Chefs Knife 205 mm.

Behold, the Tigritude II – a knife that unleashes the wild warrior within.

Let the inner tiger roar, for deep within everyone lies dormant strength waiting to be unshackled. In the grind of daily life, we’re often forced to suppress our primal side. But with the Tigritude II in hand, you’ll feel the surge of power and embrace your untamed ferocity.

Forged with precision and grit, the Tigritude II boasts a blade crafted from 67-Layer Textured Damascus Steel—a unique, tactile masterpiece that transcends the ordinary. This isn’t just a kitchen knife; it’s a badass masterpiece that echoes the raw power of the wild. The distinct flower pattern resembling roses on the blade adds an extra touch of fierceness.

And the handle – oh, the handle. Each one meticulously handcrafted, using only the finest materials fit for a warrior. Cocobolo and Siam Rosewood unite to create a visually stunning, ergonomically designed grip that feels like an extension of your own battle-hardened hand. It’s a handle that invites you to seize it tight, a testament to the battle-ready craftsmanship that defines every Riceknife® creation.

So let the Tigritude II awaken the warrior within you. Let its sharpness and strength remind you of the untapped power that resides within. With each slice, each chop, each mince, feel your confidence surge and your spirit rise. The Tigritude II isn’t just a knife – it’s a symbol of the untamed force that pulses within everyone. Unleash your primal prowess with every swing.

  • Overall Length: 345mm
  • Blade Length: 205mm
  • Handle Length: 140mm
  • Blade Width: 48mm
  • Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Blade Material: 67-Layer Tactile Damascus Steel with VG10 Core Inside
  • Weight: 170g
  • Handle Material: Dalbergia Retusa (Cocobolo) Hesml Wood + Dalbergia cochinchinensis Pierre Wood (Siam Rosewood)
  • Quantity produced: 200


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Tigritude II. 2023 - Damascus Chefs Knife 205 mm.Tigritude II. 2023 – Damascus Chefs Knife 205 mm.
159,00  incl. tax

Availability: 5 in stock