Valkyrie II. 2023 – Damascus Chefs Knife 218 mm.

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Limited Edition – Only 200 units produced of #Valkyrie2023.

Steel: 67-layer tactile Damascus steel with a VG10 core (64+/-2 HRC)

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Valkyrie II. 2023 – Damascus Chefs Knife 218 mm.

In the hands of a culinary warrior, Valkyrie, the Viking-inspired blade from RiceKnife®, is an instrument of kitchen conquest. Forged with a blade that boasts 67 layers of tactile damascus steel and a VG10 Core, this knife embodies the spirit of ancient Norse bravery. The characters etched on its blade, Danish runes whispering the mantra “better to die in battle than live in shame,” beckon you to embrace the audacity of Viking ancestors.

As you grasp Valkyrie’s handle, a testament to the artistry of the Vikings unfolds. Handcrafted from zebra wood and adorned with blue and white spacers, this handle pays homage to the Vikings’ mastery of sea and land. Each slice becomes a culinary saga, a tribute to the untamed spirit that guided the Viking conquerors.

In your hands, Valkyrie transcends its role as a mere kitchen tool, becoming a companion in your daily battles and a symbol of the indomitable spirit that dares to conquer new culinary realms.

  • Overall Length:358mm
  • Blade Length:218mm
  • Handle Length: 140mm
  • Blade Width:48mm
  • Blade Thickness:2.5mm
  • Blade Material: 67-Layers Tactile Damascus Steel with VG10 Core inside
  • Weight:155g
  • Handle Material:Zebra Wood + Blue and White G10
  • Quantity produced: 200


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Valkyrie II. 2023 - Damascus Chefs Knife 218 mm.Valkyrie II. 2023 – Damascus Chefs Knife 218 mm.
159,00  incl. tax

Availability: 5 in stock